Upcoming gigs

18 th August at Karl Oskar Dagarna, Växjö, Sandgärdsgatan 12 (Bländapassagen) 18.00.

Past gigs lately..

5 th of July at Pannkakshuset Frunas Hage, Tolg

11 th of April Sivans Studentpub, Växjö

25th of February at Café Fontaine, Växjö

16th of December at Pauze (Musikhjälpen), Växjö

29th of July at Satan i Gatan, Norra Långgatan 1, Kalmar

20th of July at Bishop Arms, Kungsgatan 6, Växjö

Gig philosofy

I do occasionally play at a local pub, so if you're interested send me a mail and I will let you know if there's anything planned.

And if you want me to play at your establishment or event don't hesitate to send me a mail and I will get back to you, cause I'm always looking forward to public gigs.